Internationally recognized photographer, Rocco Basile has spent years creating his astounding career. A career that has led to his work being featured in galleries all over the globe and that has been shown in different publications. His knowledge and work in the fine arts field has quickly established him as an expert on the subject. His work spans different areas including landscape, fine art, wildlife, portraits, and work as a photojournalist.

Growing up, Rocco Basile lived in New York City. It was there that his love and passion for art grew. He spent countless days at some of the cities most known museums and galleries, where he has able to see some of the world’s most famous art. The art in the museums were not the only thing that influenced him, but the diverse cultures that lived throughout the city had an impact him as well. The first hand experiences he had with the diverse cultures that surrounded him, as well as the art residing within the city, influenced him and still influences his work today.

After being influenced by his home city, Rocco Basile went on to begin his own freelance career. He spent a few years freelancing before he went on to attend Emerson University. There he studied visual arts and photography. He then went on to the California Institution of Arts where he was accepted into the MFA program. After completing the program he went on to travel the world through his many employment opportunities.

After a successful run of traveling the world and living the experiences he always dreamed of, Rocco Basile went on to create his own company. Rocco Basile is the founder of Rocco Basile Photography, a studio as well as a gallery. Through his company he has had the opportunity to work with aspiring photographers and mentor them. He has given the knowledge and guidance to future field members that they have used to begin their own journey in photography.

He experienced wild success with his studio and gallery before he had even been in business for a year. Through a friend who had helped set up a website for him in the early stages and his pure talent, he has shipping out orders before he had even officially opened. With so much success early own, he was able to continue his passion and help other aspiring photographers along the way.

Today Rocco Basile still helps aspiring photographers get their start in the field. He has provided many with the opportunity to showcase their work in galleries that showcase the top photographers in the world, an act that can jumpstart their careers. He also continues to accept freelance work which allows him to see more of the world that inspires him. His gallery also hosts events that showcases his work as well as the work of many other photographers.

Rocco Basile accredits his success to his ability to see things differently. He takes his unique perspective and uses it to his advantage. This perspective is what he believes has made him successful and what has allowed him to become successful in the field he has loved since childhood. Rocco Basile continues to focus on helping up-and-coming photographers as well as helping the visual arts community as a whole.